Improve the quality of life

Remove the burden of appointments and the cost of transporting patients

While regular podiatry exams are necessary for seniors to maintain a high quality of life, those in long-term care often have difficulty traveling to regular appointments. To answer this challenge, KG Health Partners’ physicians schedule weekly and biweekly appointments at the patient’s facility. During every appointment, our physicians will:

  • Provide necessary treatment for preventing wounds and infections.
  • Offer personalized, expert recommendations for maintaining optimum health.
  • Treat infections or wounds that may become infected.
  • Work to build and maintain the trust of every patient.

Operate at Peak Efficiency

The rigorous demands of the clinical workflow leave few facilities with the resources necessary to manage podiatric care for each residents. Working with facility administrators, KG Health Partners’ medical support team coordinates the logistics of every onsite visit, which includes:

  • Advance delivery of the appointment schedule.
  • Providing medical assistants onsite to support the clinical staff, while adhering to a facility’s unique protocols.

The quality of our care does not end after each visit. We extend our support throughout the continuum of care by providing our partners with custom in-service curriculum, which includes training materials focused on:

  • Recent trends in podiatry.
  • Best practices for preventive care.
  • Early identification and treatment of wounds and infections.